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My name is Philip and this is my livejournal. My friends are
important to me so I have this LJ to keep in touch with them.
I am into anime, rpgs and science fiction.

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abba, abberant, ace of base, ad&d, adventure!, alc, alfred bester, alisha's attic, angelina jolie, anime, antiheroes, aqua, archon, arrogant worms, art, asperger's, avril lavigne, b:tvs, bach, ball room dancing, barry hughhart, beethoven, besm, bif naked, big eyes small mouth, bjork, blackmore's night, board games, bubble gum crisis, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, cartoons, chopin, computer programming, computers, cordwainer smith, corrupting youth, cosplay, cowboy junkies, crash vegas, cruxshadows, cyberpunk, d&d, daniel keys moran, dar williams, digital photography, discordia, divinyls, doujinshi, drawing, eliza dushku, elizabeth mccoy, erasure, evan currie, exalted, faeries, faith, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, fate game, filk, garbage, girl genius, girls, gowan, gurps, haikus, heather alexander, heather nova, hellsing, hentai, hunter x hunter, illuminati, in nomine, inkubus sukkubus, isaac asimov, ishell, jessica andrews, jewel, jill sobule, joydrop, julia ecklar, lady gaga, leslie fish, live on release, liz phair, luba, lush, macho women with guns, mad science, mage, manga, martial arts, mecha, meg davis, mel brooks, melissa etheridge, mercedes lackey, miyuki-chan, monthy python, moxy fruvous, multimedia design, muppets, music, national velvet, neil gaiman, neon genesis evangelion, nightwish, nova scotia, nsamo, oingo boingo, paganism, palladium, peter f. hamilton, phil foglio, phoenyx, photography, pink, pj harvey, poe, poetry, rasputina, reading, rifts, rocky horror picture show, role playing games, rpgs, sailor moon, sara evans, sarah brightman, sarah mclachlan, science fiction, sean cullen, seanan mcguire, seraphin, shadowrun, shakira, shampoo, shania twain, shawn colvin, sherlock, shoujo ai, slash, snake river conspiracy, spike, spiral dance, star trek, star wars, strawberries, tatu, tegan and sara, terry pratchet, the slayers, tom lehrer, tom smith, tori amos, trigun, ute lemper, utena, vampires, venus envy, villains, voltaire, waterboys, what's new, whigfield, whitewolf, writing, x, xxxenophile, yuri, yuricon
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