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“Now, let me show you one of the most impressive things, in my opinion, that we’ve created here.”

He pressed a button; she flinched as a shutter pulled back to reveal what appeared to be a cross between an alligator and an emu.

“What is that thing?”

“You know the movie Jurassic Park?”

She nodded. “That’s a raptor?”

“Deinonychus, Spielburg couldn’t even get the species right.”

“It looks like its watching me,” she grimaced.

“It is. They’re quite intelligent. Unfortunately they’re a failure from a business perspective.”


“Incredibly expensive to produce, and not good for anything besides mass slaughter.”
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So, I was trying to remember where the song line "...not be of my clan" came from (it turned out it was a mondegreen, the actual line was "...not be of my land" from "Persephone" by [ profile] vixyish). But while I looking for that, I came across [ profile] seanan_mcguire's Horror Movie Survival Guide, which included a bit saying that velociraptors were the best weapon against zombies. I thought that sounded like an awesome idea. So I decided to put aside the short story about a young woman playing poker with a dragon, and instead spend the month of February writting a drabble a day in this continuity which has both zombies and velociraptors (well, deinonychus actually).

So, here's part 1: )
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Who do dragons play poker with?
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The office is sparsely, but expensively furnished. The computer on the desk is a recent model. The woman behind the desk is clad in a gray pantsuit; it cost enough to pay the rent for several months in a mid-sized apartment in the outskirts of a major city.

Her name is Lucille Desmond. You might have heard of her, though probably not. She was number 83 on Times Magazine's list of top female executives last year.

A crow has just flown in through her open window. None of the other offices on her level have windows that open. She had to burn a lot of political capital to have one installed. Her business colleagues regarded it as an odd eccentricity from a woman who normally tended towards ruthless pragmatism.

They were unaware that she had a pragmatic reason for a window that could open.

She does not look up from computer as she addresses the crow. "What news did the old Reprobate have, Merle?"

"Arthur has woken." Merle's voice is deep and resonant, belying his small frame.

Lucille looks up from her computer and brings an intense gaze to bear on the crow. "Impossible. Avalon remains locked away."

"He didn't wake up the normal way. He's been reincarnated. Turns out someone slit his throat about twenty years back. Past life memories are just starting to come through now."


"Who knows? It's not as if CSI: Avalon was on the case."

"I wonder if it was her. It would be surprisingly ruthless of her." Admiration seeps into Lucille's tone and she turns back to her computer.

Recognizing a dismissal, Merle departs the same way he arrived.
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I just finished a bout of dusting.

This dusting was made more pleasant by a playlist of Lady Gaga, Heather Alexander (well, Uffington Horse), Tricky Pixie, and Tom Smith (all legally purchased).

Unfortunately, I was mostly done my dusting by the time I realized what I was missing. I'd neglected to add any Seanan McGuire to my playlist.

I then had a realization of what incredible luxury it was to be able to listen to (almost) whatever music I wanted, whenever I wanted.

This is an age of wonders. We should remember that more often.


Feb. 14th, 2010 10:39 pm
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Random drabble. This came to mind while I was trying to think of something to write for Valentine's Day.

I give you:

In Which a Dark Lord Ponders the Futility of Talking to Heroes...

"If you're that powerful why don't you attack your neighbors and expand your realm?"

"I take what I can hold."

"Liar! You're a lord of one a Dark Realm. Your kind are inherently greedy."

"Are we inherently stupid?"


"Are we inherently stupid? If I take that which I cannot hold, it will be lost, and the effort spent taking it will be wasted."

"And you don't want to waste effort?"

"I view waste as a weakness."

"A weakness?"

"Strength used intelligently is worth more than strength used wastefully."

"So you're lazy then?"

"Why do you insist on ascribing my actions to faults rather than virtues?"

"You're lord of a Dark Realm."
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The game is pretty good. We're getting closer to something that actually qualifies as a Role Playing Game rather than just calling itself one because it ripped off the combat mechanics.

Mind you, someone missed a bet not getting Heather Alexander to do the music. The ethereal vibe they've got going is kind of pretty but doesn't mesh with the blood and pain flavor the story writers were going for.
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This afternoon was one of my rare efforts at game mastering. I was running The Last Escape by [ profile] stolisomancer.

I first read the play test logs of The Last Escape a few years back and rather enjoyed them. I think of it as my introduction to the zombie genre. Before I read that, I regarded zombies as icky and dull, afterwards they had entertainment value.

Eventually we got through character generation. A bit more of a combat-oriented group than I was expecting, some kind survivalist-type, a gun-toting convenience store clerk, a K9-Unit Police Officer (there was an attack dog on the equipment list), and a moderately infamous mass-murderer who has the huge-size merit and no weapon skills.

I think we got over most of the learning curve, though there wasn't much progress in the adventure.

I started them off in the high school. They explored they visited the roof, where they killed a flock of undead ravens (I'd been expecting them to run away), and the principal's office where they killed a zombie secretary. They also looted the mini-fridge of some fried chicken. Then the big guy threw a chair through the window, they killed the eight zombies visible in the parking lot at range by shooting through the window (come to think of it, I wasn't paying much attention to the range of their pistols), then jumped out. The Cop with the Dog got his car (he maxed out Equipment in his backgrounds) and they all packed into it and headed out.

That was where we finished.

Unfortunately I forgot to bring my copy of Red Roses and Dead Things by [ profile] seanan_mcguire which seemed a sure bet for mood music. Hopefully I'll remember it next session.
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"Lewis. I know we've never seen eye-to-eye but I'm a big enough man to admit that I was wrong. I have to congratulate you on your success here. Your Orbital Insertion Squad succeeded against incredible odds."

"Thank you General. Unfortunately the mission is incomplete."

"It is?"

"Yes sir. A local asset needs to be retrieved."

"Local asset? You're talking about the girl aren't you?"

"Yes sir."

"Now that's very noble of you son, but I'm afraid I can't justify putting my troops at risk because you feel the need to play hero."

"Understood General. I have planned for that contingency."

"That's crazy! It would take a division to breach their defenses."

"A stealth insertion affords the best odds of my success based on my analysis, sir."

"Soldier I am giving you a direct order not to attempt this foolhardy stunt."

"Sir, I must point out that you are not in my chain of command and can not give me orders."

"Son, be reasonable. This could cause a war. Is one girl worth that?"

"'Fiat justitia ruat caelum.' Let justice be done, though the sky fall. Thank you for your input Sir. I'll show myself out."
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Today I finished reading 'Rosemary and Rue' by [ profile] seanan_mcguire.

To give a quick review, it was a good book and I recommend it.

I shall try to avoid spoilers, but here's a cut just in case. )
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Being a super heroine sucks some days.

I mean being super strong, invulnerable, able to fly and really good looking is nice, but that cliche is true you know? Great power, great responsibilities.

Some days, the good days, I can just fly in, grab the bad guys and drop them off in police custody. I love days like that.

Today was not one of those days.

Today I wrapped myself around an eight-year old girl to protect her against a heat-ray that some super villain was firing. I saved her life.

But I saved it at the cost of the sound of her mother and older brother screaming briefly as they boiled alive. I could only save one of them, and I had to choose.

It is terrible to have to make choices like that. But I know that every day there are ordinary people who make choices like that. Really they're not ordinary people, they're extraordinary people without super powers. Reminding myself that there are people like that in world helps me keep going.
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Magneto was one of the last to be brought down, forced to his knees and bound in chains of silver. There were others, obscure figures in hiding, but none left who could be expected to lead a serious resistance.

They had gone into the battle with confidence. Despite the warnings coming out of the Muppet Underground they discounted the severity of the threat. Had they not triumphed when faced with more dire threats?

The first sign that they faced something truly terrifying was when they lost of all of the telepaths. All of a sudden, every telepath, from Professor Xavier to Dr. Druid fell to the ground seemingly comatose. But when you leaned closer you could make out that they were muttering the same phrase, over and over again. "It's a small world after all."

Despite this first blow against them, they rallied and fought valiantly. It was all in vain. Though their foes had no militaristic values to speak of, nor any kind of warrior culture, they did not need it. At these incredible levels, raw power can overcome skill and cunning.

The Empire of the Mouse had conquered another world.

I read that Disney had "added 5,000 characters to its stable." This inspired thoughts of hordes of super heros in chains being herded into a literal stable. The bit above was inspired.
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A while a go I read a story called Flowers for Barry Ween. It is very good. I recommend reading it if you haven't already. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Anyway, having come back to it, I followed a couple links and discovered that this story is by someone by the name of 'Seanan McGuire,' also known as Cadhla.

And more to the point, she has albums and novels that I can purchase.

Therefore, I seek advice as to which of these things I should purchase first. Any thoughts?
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I am currently reading Charles Stross' blog and listening to Tom Smith (Death Sheep Radio).

Life is good. And geeky.
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From [ profile] collectively

Below the cut, I'm going to list a total of 20 characters (10 male, 10 female). Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to pick two of the characters (can be from same fandom or not) and give me a line of dialogue/song/quote. I will attempt to write something for those two characters interacting.

Characters )
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I'm playing a bard in my D&D campaign. As such words are an important part of the characterization.

I recently came across a couple examples of improvised oratory from a couple different RPG campaigns and thought it would be neat if I could do that.

However, I lack confidence in my ability to improvise nifty speeches. Dialogue has never been my strong suit.

As Oscar Wilde put it, "The ability to quote is a serviceable substitute for wit."

Anyone have any good examples of heroic dialogue that could be quoted (stolen) for use in a D&D game?
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I'd give this more context, but I'm curious as to how others interpret it.

A Meeting Between Sisters )
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A short Monsters vs. Aliens fan fic.

Cut for possible spoilers.

Little Black Dress )
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Spoilers so I'll LJ-cut this.

Aliens, destroy all monsters! )
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